Ultrasound Training virtual courses

2 ACI CEU's When Both Sessions Watched

In this 2-session course,  participants will study the technology, system design, operation and troubleshooting methodologies in order to fully understand how to provide the best possible service for the Philips EPIQ 5/7.  The second session builds upon the first and has many more visuals and videos for specific demonstration.

Upon form completion, a password will be sent to your email.


EPIQ 5/7 Virtual Training Syllabus:


• System Architecture
• Transducers
• Modes of Operation
• Connectivity

Operational Testing

• 2DColor, CPA
• PW, CW, M-Mode
• Real Time
• 3D/4D Mode
• Peripherals

Hardware Access

• System Enclosures
• User Interface
• Acquisition Assembly
• Power Supply
• DVD Drive Assembly


• Monitor
• Articulation
• System Brakes

Preventative Maintenance

• Fans/Filters
• Casters
• Articulation Video


• Power Supply
• Temperature
• Test Images
• Failure Analysis