Ultrasound Training virtual courses

1 ACI CEU Unit Per Hour of Instruction

In this multi-session course,  participants will study ultrasound technology, system design, modes and imaging methodologies and protocols.  It is the prerequisite for any technician new to ultrasound and should be taken prior to a system-specific course.  Each session builds upon the previous so all sessions should be taken.

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ULtrasound Basics Training Syllabus:


• PW

• Steered CW
• Color
• Power

Block Diagrams

• Generic
• iU22/iE33
• Vivid E9
• Logiq 9
• Sequoia 512

Diagnostic Ultrasound

• Physical Principles
• Applications
• Transducer Types
• Image Quality

Enhanced Imaging Modes

• Harmonic Imaging
• SonoCT
• Panoramic
• 3D – 4D (Live 3D)